Muay Thai – Kids

Equilibrium MMA Kids Muay Thai programme entails them to train with a caring and nurturing Muay Thai grandmaster in one of the most popular martial arts in the world to attain and foster self esteem and discipline.

Our programs provides them a sturdy foundation of the art form, leading to a life of sports and wellness of their own being.

Some of the benefits for a child to train Muay Thai:

  • Develop athletically – improve flexibility, agility and strength
  • Improve mentally, increase discipline, focus and fortitude
  • Attain self-empowerment and confidence as techniques improve
  • Gain patience and perseverance with progressive stripe and belt promotion system
  • Improve social awareness as diversity in class offers opportunities to spar with kids of both genders and different ages and build
  • Opportunity for development into competitive athlete

These are many more benefits for your child to train with us in Muay Thai. Book a trial to allow your child to experience Equilibrium.