Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – Kids

Equilibrium MMA Kids Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Programme provides both casual and competitiveness training to ensure students enjoy and learn techniques for self defense with benefits. With the training being supervised by Prof. Takeo ‘Draculino’ Tani, Students are trained to be both physically and mentally fit while learning self defence techniques to overpower their assailant of a bigger size.

Our Programs provide the basics of brazilian jiu jitsu to allow them to master the foundation of the art form, leading to attain a strong and progressive game in the sport.

Some of the benefits for Kids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

  • While gaining experience in the sport, belts and rankings are awarded to them with recognition among peers for their hard work and determination
  • Understanding gender equality through training and sparring with opposite gender
  • BJJ is beneficial for children athletic development
  • Allowing them to gain techniques for self defense to overcome bigger assailant